Our establishment offers our boarders a high-quality service. Our new facilities include: an indoor shower, a private tack for residents, a heated lounge overlooking the arena, a washer and dryer, two tacks stalls, and paddocks for turn outs.
  • Our horses go out every day (weather permitting), in groups or individually. All horses have access to water and hay.
  • All our horses are on a personalized nutrition program that suits their needs.
  • Our stalls are cleaned every morning.
  • Our stalls have a rubber carpet on the floor, 2 windows and automatic water bowls.
Our monthly price for a basic stall ( 10’x10′ ) is $675.00$ + taxes.

*Extra hay for 100.00$ 
Ask about our larger stalls for warmbloods (10′ X 12′ ).

Our new facilities include:

Private tack room for boarders

Heated living room overlooking the inside ring

Washer & Dryer

2 tack stalls

4 sand ring



Our boarders have unlimited access to our facilities and a locker and space to store their equipment.